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  • Listening to: TimeCop1983
  • Reading: Kalevala
  • Watching: Kung Fury
  • Playing: Lotro
  • Eating: Karjalanpiirakat
  • Drinking: Enemy tears
[FINLAND/ESPOO] According to an old Finnish tradition, witches and trolls which are known by the Finnish name "trulli" are particularly busy on this special day and bonfires are believed to scare them away. After banishing spirits in Seurasaari Island, we travelled to Espoo and fed reindeers in their natural habitat in Nuuksio forest. (Yes, they are so huge, it's not possible to get them in landscape mode.)


[GERMANY/HAMBURG] Feel free to check our game from your browser or from your Android or iOS device.

[USA] With Sir Patrick Stewart. After our photo shoot together, he went back to movie set with Michael Fassbender. Happy 73rd birthday!
Patrick Stewart and me by AsliBayrak

[HOUSTON] We are at NASA Johnson "Houston, we have a problem" Space Center where Col. Chris Hadfield landed. We observe shuttle and rocket structure and check Felix Baumgartner's space-to-earth jump capsule.
NASA I by AsliBayrak NASA II by AsliBayrak

[TEXAS] We are here for the international comic book artist meeting. Besides Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell, the one and only Bernie Wrightson and several actors are here as well. 
Craig Parker and me by AsliBayrak Trejo by AsliBayrak Michelle Rodriguez and Danny Trejo by AsliBayrak
Craig Parker (left) is one of my favorite kiwis. You may remember him as the elf Haldir from Lord of the Rings or Cladius Glaber from Spartacus Blood and Sand. Danny Trejo and Michelle Rodriguez made a surprise appearance. I was bewildered when Trejo asked how to spell my name, so that was the reason: He did draw a cute little heart on my name with a huge grin :giggle: (center)

Attending Battlestar Galactica meeting with old and new actors together. We have Dirk Benedict from A-Team and Noah Hathaway from Neverending Story with us as well.
BSG United I by AsliBayrak BSG II by AsliBayrak Edward James Olmos and me by AsliBayrak
With our godfather Admiral Adama, Edward James Olmos (right). I salute those who remember his Gaff and Castillo characters in Blade Runner and Miami Vice. After having drinks in Hilton bar, we gathered at 'Colonial Dinner' in NASA. So Say We All.

"Run and tell all of the angels
This could take all night"
Riding from Venice to Codroipo with my bike by AsliBayrak
[ITALY] I rode my BMW F650 GS from Venice Italy to Codroipo Villa Manin for Foo Fighters concert. While fueling up in a gas station, I met a Russian girl by chance who said she was one of the hostess' in Mehmet Ali Erbil's show. After having lobster & wine as dinner, thanks to Italian friends, cold beers were waiting for me at the end of my journey. Getting lost in a huge cornfield in pitch-black darkness after midnight and being thrown into an adventure after meeting a friendly old Italian police officer is another story. Saluti.
  Ducati Panigale by AsliBayrak 258tppt by AsliBayrak Foo Fighters by AsliBayrak
Unforgettable Ducati 1199 Panigale ride in Venice track, journey to Villa Manin with my bike and Dave Grohl in the flesh.